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cinquantalogopicHey, I’m Cinquanta I always have a hard time introducing myself or sharing my accomplishments, but I wanted you to feel comfortable here. Meanwhile, I’m nervous writing this About Me section.

So, I’m sort of like this National Best Selling Author. Whew! I said that out loud. While the sweat runs down my forehead. I decided to take the leap in Dec. 2014 to finally push the publish button on my very first Novella; Journeys of the Heart.

I kept it a secret and then told my parents. Well, My little secret turned into over 500 copies sold within a few months, press releases, podcast interviews, book signings and so much more. All of my dreams have come true and now I’ve published over 30 books between, self-help, erotica, and lots of pen names.

I’m here to help other Authors find their voice and monetize their personal brand. Being an Author is exciting, but being able to create residual and additional income from one title makes the rewards even better.

So you can refer to me as Chief Executive Get The Bag

Mission Statement: Make Money Spend Money


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Hot, twists, steamy, did I mention hot? I look forward to more books by Cinquanta! She has the best plot twists. -Amazon Reviewer

Once you start reading this book you will not want to put it down. Each chapter gets more and more interesting. -Carolyn Patterson

Loved it as usual. Cinquanta has the imagination and creativity of Eric Jerome Dickey. I look forward to many many more books in the future. – Amazon Customer