How To Start A T-Shirt Business With $0

How To Start A T-Shirt Business $0

It’s never too late to dig deep in the 2nd Quarter. I want to extend my blessings to you to go crush it. I know every blog post won’t be exactly what you need at the moment. My only job is to make sure I share the information. If you feel this post should be shared with a friend then forward it to them.

I want to show you how I have been securing the bag for at least 7 years now by having a t-shirt business. My startup cost was $0. Now, do I have your attention? I will be sharing resources with you to help you or your friend to start a T-shirt business with no money baby.

First, you need to do something.

1. Have a purpose
2. Brainstorm one design
3. After the next 3 days put what you have learned into action
4. Share it with everyone you know (even me)
5. Don’t stress. If your idea doesn’t seem to resonate with people. Go back to the drawing board. Designs and colors can be a hit and miss.

Watch my first video to learn about Starting a t-shirt business here.

If you clicked the link I like that you took the time to go watch the video. Are you going to share it with someone who needs the information?

I have more gems to spread to you. There are always a few options to do things and here is another one.
If you, however, are so brave and you want to jump right in and you know print t-shirts at home. This next video is for you. I go through the steps of teaching you how to print your shirts at home.

Am I going too fast? I know you may not have any design skills but in another video. I’ll show you how to create a design with no graphics skills. I’ll show you how to upload it to the Cameo 3.

1. I said the word shit a few times in this video
2. I show raw footage of things that can go wrong
3. It took me all day to finish this video
4. Go secure the bag
5. You’re Welcome

Watch Print & Press your shirt at home.

If you have no clue how to draw or design these next videos are for you. Taking you the free way and if you want more you just got to throw a little cents at the system. Not Me!

No need to pay me. I’m doing this for you so you can get these coins.

Make sure you share this video with anyone who is struggling to design a nice t-shirt simple steps for you to succeed.

Design With No Graphic Experience Part 1
Design With No Graphic Experience Part 2

Well, there are all the resources I have to help you start a t-shirt business with $0.

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