3 Ways To UnPlug On The Weekend

I often forget that I set business hours for a reason. I often bring my work into the weekend with me. Unfortunately, I spend hours of my day glued to my phone on punching my fingers away at the computer. The weekends are made for fun, the sun, and self-care. I have somewhat learned how to do this, but not until recently when my husband returned from deployment that I realized that I could be okay without all those distractions of constantly being on.

So I’m going to layout 3 Ways to Unplug On The Weekends that have helped me out:

  1. Turn your phone on DND (DO NOT DISTURB)
  2. Leave your phone at home when you go out to eat or to somewhere with your family.
  3. Delete your social media apps if you need to have your phone with you

That’s it simple and easy. Straight to the point.

DND has turned into my favorite thing. I like not being available during my time with my family. Mo one should have to have access to you at all times.

I’ve only been able to leave my phone home a few times, and learn how to hold a steady conversation.

I delete my apps all the time. It’s like a liberating feeling when I delete them. I have nothing to do on my phone. I even labeled the social media category distractions.

I hope you are able to try one of these solutions out over the next couple of months. Let me know down in the comment section which one you will try, and what are some ways you unplug on the weekend.

-Stay a little while; expect more.


3 thoughts on “3 Ways To UnPlug On The Weekend

  1. These are great tips! I am learning to disconnect more! Its hard when you are a blogger but I am learning that you dont always have to be on the scene or know everything that’s going on

  2. DND has become my best friend. I’ve also listed my office hours and call people out for violating them. I started keeping my laptop in the office at night and I’m slowly moving my phone in there at night as well.

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