A Letter From Author, Cinquanta

Let me introduce myself: I am Cinquanta Cox-Smith an Author from around the way. 

First I want to talk about this relaunch of cinquantacoxsmith.com. I felt like a lot of what I was doing when I  created this site six months ago was not completely me. I looked at sites that I loved, and I pulled inspiration from different ones. In that process, I lost who I WAS. Yea, It’s hard to admit that sometimes, but I wasn’t myself. Therefore, I wasn’t producing quality content.

With this relaunch comes a new Blog name. BEHIND THE PEN. Less clutter.. You don’t have to feed through a million and one menu tabs. Everything is straightforward and to the point. That’s who I am! I wanted to be free and be able to say what I want. NO FILTER. Because after all, it is my website. I hope you find your favorite spot on this blog. I know for sure you all love #SHORTSTORYSUNDAY, so that’s a keeper. I’ll be adding a few  recurring segments on the blog.

-I recently signed a Publishing deal at the beginning of the Summer, and I’m excited about this new adventure. I want to incorporate that somehow and give you guys the low-down on the process.

-I’ve also signed a 12 spot Radio Book Tour contract. I’ll be keeping you all up to date with when the interviews will be airing. I’ll also have audio available on this site.

-I recently started back vlogging on YouTube, and I’m excited about talking to my subscribers and encouraging new writers.

I’ve been working hard on keeping things together and working toward my goals.

My Hubbub recently deployed so somehow you’ll be hearing about my Sha-Lonely rants from time to time. I promise they’ll be a lesson in every rant. I can’t just vent without giving you something to smile about. Trust me. I’m not THAT ARMY WIFE.

I hope you can stick around and drop your email at the bottom of this page to subscribe. That way you’ll know when all the hot shit drops. FEEL ME CUZ. HHAHAHAHAHA (insert dry laugh)

If you would rather Text Alerts. Just TEXT CCS to 444999

Stay a little while- and expect more.

-Cinquanta Cox-Smith, Author

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