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How to Self-Publish a book Under $100


Seeking self-publishing success? ─ Learn how to self-publish a book from an expert

How to self-publish a book: How to Self-Publish for Under $100 is THE bible for getting published. Publishing expert and author, Cinquanta Cox-Smith offers all her tips and tricks on how to self-publish a book on a reasonable budget. This book is especially valuable to content creators who:

• don’t have a publishing deal
• have a strong following on their social platform
• want to learn how to get their manuscript out in the market
• and, want to produce residual income

How to self-publish on Amazon and outside Amazon: Cinquanta details all the ins-and-outs of a successful book launch from the basics to the in-depth. Her secrets arm you with the best possible chance to have your book shine. This isn’t just another guidebook about ISBNs, covers and word count. Some of the keys to self-publishing success covered by Cox-Smith include:

• the benefits of beta readers
• vanity publishing
• hybrid publishing
• the secrets to successful categorizing
• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
• discounting
• blog tours and endorsements
• the ins-and-outs of how to self-publish on Amazon
• and, the growing scene outside of Amazon

Journeys Of The Heart Series


Journeys of the Heart | $5.00


When six friends get together to reconnect after a few years. They all realize that they are in different stages of their lives. They will battle love, loss, pregnancy, and even tragedy. They came together to have fun, but this trip is only preparing them for life obstacles when they return home. This suspense filled urban fiction story will take you on an emotional roller coaster. You will get to know these amazing young ladies like they were your friends back in High School. Sit back and relax, and grab a copy for your good girlfriend.









| New Birth & New Life | $5.00

Having a baby brings along new adventures and new struggles. What happens when your life’s dynamic, changes within a year? What happens when you don’t know all that there is to know about your significant other? Does his personal life secrets change your feelings? An unplanned pregnancy was just the beginning. How will Mary & Matthew weather the storm?




Life of a Star Before the Fame | $5.00

Fame. Love. Respect. Lilly DuPont wanted it all, and at the sweet age of 25, Lilly achieved her goals. She’s newly engaged with a hot record climbing the charts, Lilly should be over the moon. Unfortunately, her past continues to haunt her and a new secret threatens to end several friendships. Lilly wants so much to release her burdens but remains fearfully reluctant to walk away from the past and step into the truth.
Lilly’s dream of being a superstar has always led her footsteps. From the weekends spent at dance, singing, drama, and piano lessons, Lilly was determined to accomplish her dreams. She left home –to the dismay of her mother– at the young age of 18; with a singular focus to take-over Los Angeles and become a star. Lilly soon learned that the glittering flowers of fame were spiked with golden thorns, and she’d do anything to survive.
Throughout her young adulthood, she struggled with her emotional naivety as she ‘jumped’ from body to body, constantly trying to become the main priority in her lover’s lives. Lilly also learns that in a world of prettier faces and frenemy’s, she must decide whether her fight for the spotlight is worth the carnage she leaves behind; and finally Lilly’s small-town values are also put to the test, as she finds herself in predicaments that blur the line of ‘right and wrong.’
If dealing with the past wasn’t enough, Lilly has on-going issues that haven’t been resolved. The burden of her mother’s constant disapproval of Lilly’s career choice, the pressure of financially contributing to her brother’s tuition, an ex-lover attempting to join her future, writing another hit, and wedding planning. Ordinarily, Lilly would turn to her best friend for guidance, but an even bigger secret threatens to unravel the 15+ year friendship.
With the demons of her past encroaching on her future and the year-long secret she’s kept, Lilly is frozen in action. Will Lilly refuse to acknowledge her emotional pain and the unintentional hurt she has caused others? Can Lilly release her past to create a new future? How will Lilly’s decisions derail her quest for fame, love, and respect?