Dear Military Spouse


| D E A R   M I L I T A R Y   S P O U S E |

I recently had a panic attack and a major meltdown. I’m not the typical Military Spouse so let’s just get that out the way right now. I’m a Veteran. I know both sides of the military. I’m also a mother like many of you.

Just let me say this. When shit hits the fan and everything comes crumbling down. I’m just like you. Fed the fuck up! Like seriously.

My husband has been home for five years no deployments it was lovely. Like we became ride or die all over again. Granted that the first five years of our marriage were spent on and off because of deployments. Once with one kid, and then the 2nd time around with two children. No more after that.

Why? Because I’m smart enough to get my tubes tied. Nobody needs more mouths to feed. No Judgement here.. but Q wasn’t about to be popping out no more kids.

What led me to write this letter to you is because in the midst of my car needing a good wash. (Yea because I bought a brand new car over the summer and it’s black. No one cleans a black car or any car quite like my husband..) Cues sad ass music because my car is currently dusty as fuck. Plus I won’t be washing it in the cold.

Ok… But back to the letter. Yea so My car needs to be washed, My microwave quit working on me, and I had quite the episode in the middle of Chicago.