How to Deal with Entrepreneur Stress

I’ve been missing in action in the most inconsistent way ever lately. I’m super hard on myself, but I’m also real as hell about when I fall short. I have been super stressed out lately.

Super stressed out lately.

Everything from work, friendships, the long distance of my marriage and even down to my side hustles have gotten the best of me. I can’t believe it’s only the third month in 2017 because I feel like I’ve accomplished¬†a whole lot. I’m proud of that so let’s pause real quick and let’s all celebrate the big and small wins of January & February!¬†CLAP CLAP!

I know for sure we all get stressed out because I certainly do. I want to tell you some of the things I do to deal with my stress.

  • SAGE – I sage the hell out of my house. I’m still learning, but I get down with the sage
  • VENT – I vent to my husband, and he doesn’t say a word just lets me GO OFF
  • WRITE – I write best when I’m mad. Ole angry keyboard bihh
  • SLEEP – Sometimes you over think things, and you just need a nap

I begun this post at the beginning of March and I didn’t finish it. Now it’s March 26, 2017, and I have great news.

Early March I turned in my resignation for my job, and I decided to write full time. TWERK ONE TIME!!

We are in the last months of my new How To Self-Publish Under $100 release. UNCLE LUCK DOO DOO BROWN!

Well, that’s all folks. Stay tuned for more blog post and more consistency. I got time and in case you miss #SHORTSTORYSUNDAY, you should check out my new book. Download JUST SEX NO LOVE Below.

— Stay a little while, expect more


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