How I prepared financially to QUIT MY JOB!

Before I get to the good part know that I didn’t just wake up one day, and decided to quit my job. 

I love to work, and I’m a damn good hustler. Sometimes you just need to move on.

A little back story. I had a pretty good comfortable career in 2014. I was on my way to managing a location at HR & Block, but I denied that position time and time again. I was about to be the Crafts Department Head at a Brand New Hobby Lobby. Now, these jobs may not seem a lot to you, but because of my personality. I love to help people so being able to guide people during tax season provided me so much joy. I’m a craft diva. I love to be creative, so the job at Hobby Lobby was perfect for me. Fast forward to Oct 2014 I had to uproot my entire life up from Georgia and Move to KANSAS. Ummm what?

Now fast forward to 2015 I landed a stable job after trying to fit in where I could in Kansas. It was a job, and I needed one I was able to be close to my children. It was a full-time job with benefits you can’t beat that. The pay was meh. The first year went by, and by November I had written my first Erotic Short Story it changed my life. December came, and I was on my second Erotic Short Story series. By July of 2016, I had published my 3rd Novella.

I dreaded going back to work in August. I had lost all motivation, and I was helping my husband provide for my family, but then the bullshit started at work, or maybe I just began to pay attention.

I felt depressed and stuck.

I wouldn’t want anyone to feel that way ever. Sometimes we don’t have a choice. I knew all I wanted to do was write and get better at writing. After all over the summer I landed a publishing deal for a book I pitched. A book that could help other aspiring Authors How to self publish a book.

So here comes the part where I tell you about preparing financially to quit my job. This conversation came up between my husband and me often. I felt helpless and defeated, but I needed his support. Our communication in our marriage is important, so he was a big part of this decision. Ultimately he wanted me to be happy, but I wanted my family to be comfortable and okay.

  1. In October 2015 I opened a online savings account with Goldman Sachs saving about $5 a month at first lol. What was I really saving huh. Then August 2016 I changed it to $30 a month.
  2. I opened my digit account around Oct 2015 as well I’ve saved over $1000 there as well
  3. I stopped shopping for myself. I don’t have the lastest and i’m okay with that. I do have good underwears that I purchase every couple of months. I restock on at least 3-4 good pairs of jeans about every year.
  4. I sold my kids clothes that they had outgrown
  5. I fell in love with the clearance rack and shopped off season for deals for the next year
  6. I saved my entire 2016 Federal refund check over $6000
  7. I got an unexpected back wages check from a job I had in 2010-2011 over $1000
  8. I withdrew my kpers over $1500 with a small withdrawl fee
  9. I opened a secret business
  10. I wrote more free books, and then sold more books from my website versus amazon taking all. I used the hell out of Amazon Associates as well.

So before you go praising me about you wish you could do this, and that I inspire you. It wasn’t an easy decision and with today being my final day. I am an emotional wreck. I created meaningful friendships and bonds with the children, but I have to leave it all behind so that I can be 100% happy.

The day I turned in my resignation was the first day I felt free in so long. I now have enjoyed the fruits of sleeping early and learning to take a nap. I haven’t slept so much in about 6 years. Talk about SLEEP IS LIFE.

Well now that you have some insight on how I can afford the luxury of quitting my job. Set your date and your plan and if you feel you need to. GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE.

July 12, 2016 on Facebook my status update:

Wrote down a date… When I will be quitting my job.

Time to live in my purpose full-time…

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5 thoughts on “How I prepared financially to QUIT MY JOB!

  1. This is so amazing and right where Im at..I feel so very stuck..not liking my job anymore and trying to pursue my passion with fashion and travel…but so hard when the savings are not there to quit..thanks so much for inspiring me today with some great ideas!


  2. This is ultimately my goal, as well! I work to pay the bills, but I dream of being a full time writer / blogger. I have already stopped shopping for myself and I’ve started putting away money in an IRA every month. Now I just need to save more in a separate account. And of course, start writing.
    Thanks for this inspirational post! 🙂

  3. Wow how inspiring! You are truly committed. Thank you for sharing that goals are possible 🙂

  4. How awesome! My last day at my day job was the last business day of December. I’ve been loving being self employed. It’s truly wonderful.

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