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We all struggle sometimes finding our way in the blogging and vlogging industry. The hardest thing is figuring out where you fit in. Are you a Fashion Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Beauty & Hair Vlogger, or a DIY Guru? These are the questions we usually ask ourselves before we dive into a specific niche.

What if I told you all you need to do is love stuff. Love sharing your opinion with the world and not holding back any pros and cons about products you usually use.

Back in 2014, I took my love for shopping to a new level, but I wanted to have things I loved and still be frugal. (Yea I’m cheap!)

Well after some research I realized that I could get free stuff and do sponsored videos and post by just sharing my honest opinion. When I realized I was already doing this on one platform faithfully, I looked into this a little more. Here are a few platforms that I used to get my start in vlogging and blogging. Mind you I was a beginner, and my content was a little rough around the edges, but I was able to get the job done.


You should have guessed this one, but because I’ve been a faithful reviewer and shopper of Amazon since 2012 more things started happening for me. First I set up my Amazon Public Profile. I was able to write a little bit about my self, and a few years ago I was able to add my email address. Since then this option has been removed, but because I refuse to update my Profile Settings. My email address stays. Amazon’s guidelines for reviews have changed from when you didn’t have to add in you received a product for you honest review to make sure you let the shoppers know you received it for free. More new stores and shops would contact me daily by email to review their products. I get discount codes in my inbox, and If I pay with my own money, I get refunded by PayPal. I’ve had companies PayPal me the money for the product as well. Most of them just ask that you review the product honestly. If there are any issues with your item, they want you to reach out to them first to resolve it before you write your review. Most of the times they just ask for the order number once I place my order so that they can get the order shipped out quickly. Most times I receive products the next day.

Ex. Tower Fan, Baby Items, Phone Charger, Yoga socks, Electronics, Pans, Home goods, and more.

Here is what my Amazon Public Profile looks like.

My Amazon Public Profile



Another way to earn extra income by sharing your opinion is signing up for an Amazon Affiliate account. So when you Blog or Vlog about any item you can use your personalized affiliate link. That way you can get a commission off of your opinion. Here is a quick video of how to set up Amazon Affiliate HERE!

(SN I created this video for Authors, but you can use the same information for products as well.)

2. Brand Backer

I started my very first little sad blog on Blogspot which still brings in hella traffic even though I’ve been on WordPress for about two years now. I never took the blog down. You can look around at a beginners blog here.

When I first started out with them, I had no real traffic, but I was determined to be the best darn reviewer I could be with the knowledge I had. I reviewed all types of products, and I made a few videos on my YouTube channel. You can see one here.

Brand Backer lets you connect all your social media accounts, and you get an approximate reach score on how many subscribers or viewers you have. It’s pretty easy to set up your account and full out your information. Then you will get new emails when opportunities arrive.


My Brand Backer profile

I usually send a sweet little note about brands I’ve already work with, or I talk about what channels and platforms I’m willing to share on. Doesn’t hurt to talk yourself up.

Make sure you read the Brands expectations. Some want videos, post, and tweets, etc. You can choose to get free products or compensation. I always go with the free product when trying to build a relationship with brands. You will have a deadline, and Brand Backer has a little calendar to help you remember when things are due in your back office. I love it that’s it’s such accessible platform, but it helped me to build my sponsored post and for me to create opportunities for more prominent brands.

Most brands will give you an exclusive share link for your readers/viewers, or they will have a discount code that they want you to share.


I was able to snag a free sponsored post with Janet Collection because my hair video got lots of views. It’s over 20k views on YouTube. Using that information and doing follow up videos on the hairstyle I was able to have Janet Collection to send me boxes of hair monthly. Here is the blog post on Janet Collection.

So another tip is to start reviewing the brands and items you purchase faithfully. If they can be found on Amazon, use Amazon affiliate links to share with your viewers. Then try to pitch to brands. If you created a video of their product or a blog post. Tag them email them and let them know you exist.


Also if you are a brand looking for influencers, please email me So I can send your information to Brand Backer for feature partnership to get your products out in front of more consumers.



Stay a little while; expect more.


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  1. I know some blogger friends that could benefit from this article. I’ll have to send them the link. This was informative.

  2. I need to put #1 and #2 into immediate practice. I never really thought about coordinating with brands but it offers a whole new world of opportunity.

  3. I’m ashamed to say that I’m a blogger and I never heard of brand backer or knew that you could create public profiles on Amazon. You’ve definitely forced me to add two new items to my to-do list today.

  4. I sometimes use Brandbacker but didn’t know you could leave a profile for Amazon. I’ll have to keep that one in mind.

  5. Great tips, especially the one about making the Amazon account public! The rules changed about Amazon recently but I didn’t think about the fact that you may be contacted by the brand!

  6. As much as I buy from Amazon, I never really thought leaving reviews would help me. I’ll do it if there’s something about the product that I think was misrepresented and to warn others. Guess I should step my review game up! lol

  7. I been blogging for a while and never did Amazon for reviews. I love Amazon I spend so much money with them so maybe I should get some reviws.

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