November 2016 Income Reoport


2016 November INCOME REPORT

November took me by surprise, and the amount of things that I changed were slim to none. I worked less and made more organic decisions. I didn’t force any transactions I more so was just being myself. Casually talking about things I love and giving advice paid off big this month. My Amazon Associates account was one of my bread winners this month. Along with receiving tips for my knowledge and information.  I found a new profitable moneymaker with Google Express. My Adsense wasn’t as much as last month which came from my YouTube. I did use Ebates this month. It wasn’t much, but it was something. I stopped half way through the month with using two new apps that pay this month Qkiret and Voxpopme on my iPhone. I went back to two older apps that I used to use which were Ibotta and Checkout51. So if you have any ideas of places I can save money comment down below.

Income : $675.22

Google Express: $120 ( Use Code CD3MR3363 for $15 off your first purchase)

Goldman Sachs Online Savings- $35.00

Amazon Associates– $53.67

Amazon KDP- $8.83


Humantic – $0.62

Paypal Tips– $70.00

Amazon Refund Gifted Books – $9.62

Walmart Giftcards- $130

Nike Giftcards- $150.00

Amazon Giftcards: $80.00

Commissary Couponing-$2.00

Ibotta– $3.25

Ebates: $1.20

Checkout51 – $2.25


Expenses: $69.99

WordPress Hosting- $9.99

Office 365 Email- 4.99

Microsoft Corp.- $10.76

Grammarly- 29.95





Net Income: $605.53

I made lots of profits this month and my blog is still not being monetized yet. I probably won’t publish another book before 2017, but never say never. Check my 2016 October Income Report here.

November Goals –

      1. Post a book link twice a week FAIL
      2. Get to 1000 likes on Facebook Fan PageFAIL (918)
      3. Grow Email list by 20 new subscribers (Subscribe at the bottom of the page) FAIL (13+)
      4. Gain at least 40 Text Subscribers (Text CCS to 444999) SUCCESS 43
      5. Send weekly newsletter – FAIL
      6. Post on my blog at least once a week – FAIL
      7. Grown my Instagram to 2000 Followers – FAIL 1,700
      8. Grow my Twitter to 1,100 – FAIL so close 1,072

December Goals-

  1. Post a book link once week
  2. Get to 1000 likes on Facebook Fan Page
  3. Grow Email list by 20 new subscribers
  4. Gain at least 50 text Subscribers Text CCS to 444999
  5. Send weekly newsletter
  6. Post on my blog at least once a week
  7. Grown my Instagram to 2000 Followers
  8. Grow my Twitter to 1,100

I wanted to give you all an inside look of what my income is monthly. You can tell when I slack off and when I’m working hard. Because it shows. I wish I would have done this before, but now I think it will be my favorite part of my blog. I will be thrilled to look back and see how far I’ve come and what may have gone wrong.

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Stay a little while– Expect more.


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