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Radio Book Tour | October 2016
      Success Outside The Box



Radio Book Tour | October 2016

      Recalibrate Your Life At 50


Radio Book Tour | February 2017

      The Common Good Show with Juanita S Farrow

Radio Book Tour | March 2017

      Jewel's Unveiled with Dr. Judith


Podcast Interview | March 2017

Radio Book Tour | May 2017

      Transformational Talk with Dr. Sheila

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Meet & Greet | October 2016



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Books on Market |Petersburg, VA May 2018


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What genre do you write?                                                                                                              

I consider my style of writing to be Realistic Fiction. I love to bring twist and lots of suspense to every story. I want my readers to be able to connect to the storylines. I don’t want the fiction stories to be so far-fetched that they feel it’s just another dramatic book. I want the characters to become a part of their lives. 

How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?                                        

As of today November 11, 2016 I’ve written 11 Published books. I’m constantly creating new stories that I love. I have fallen in love with short stories lately. My favorite book so far is Past Due Rent. It’s my first Erotic Short Story I crafted that story in less than 3 days and published it. 

When did you write your first book and how old were you?                                            

I wrote my very first book on some computer paper and I was about 24 years old. I had this idea to write about love and heartbreak. Then it turned into something completely different. Journeys of the Heart was born and then I published it in December 2014. 

When you develop characters do you already know who they are before you begin writing or do you let them develop as you go?                                                                        

 Most characters I don’t even know their name when I start a book. I know what I want to happen, but I’m often creating who they are as I continue to write. 



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