Proven Ways to Tackle The 4th Quarter

Proven Ways to Tackle The 4th Quarter will help you to finish the year strong.  I know you’re excited about the upcoming Holiday, and things are going to get pretty hectic for you. You are well equipped to handle this because you’ve practiced all year long.

Your routine might still be a little shaky, but I’m here to help you use the lessons you have to learn to tackle the 4th quarter.

I want you to first think about how consistent you were with your goals from the 1st quarter. I know for a fact I’ve stayed true to at least 3 of them. One being my weekly newsletter. I grew my Email List, and I’ve been very consistent in providing value and engaging my readers.

Think back to the mistakes you made in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarter. Are you still making those mistakes? Have you cut some unnecessary task off your list? Have you improved your brand, business, blog, or books since then?

You should have at least answered yes to one of those questions.

Here are five things that are helping me tackle the 4th quarter. 

  • When I miss a deadline (Friday Email), I don’t panic. I just pick things up the following week. Instead of feeling like I failed. I turn it into a positive because I have been pretty consistent for the past four months with my Friday Email.
  • Take a Mental Break. With the end of the year stress levels increase. Step away from Social Media and enjoy your family and friends. Take a walk or visit a place you haven’t been to in a while.
  • Plan ahead. You should know what your goals for the 4th quarter would be. You should have the blueprint done, and now your just checking things off the list.
  • Are your systems in place. Are they working correctly? Content becomes more shareable during the holiday season as people or searching for experts to help with shopping and advice about holidays. 
  • Read a book not an ebook. A paperback. Find a nice quiet corner in your house and grab your highlighter to mark quotes, statements or significant sentences you read. 

The 4th quarter gets intense, but knowing when you have a system in place, your mental health is in check, and you have done the proper trial and error. Tackling the 4th quarter is nothing. You’re ready to start planning out your 2018 goals.

Two things that I enjoyed this year were my Hustle journal from and reading Shonda Rhimes Year of The Yes. 

Stay a little while- expect more.


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