Reflecting.. It’s My BIRTHDAY!

Do you know what the next innovative thing brewing is? Are you ahead of the game? How many courses or webinars do you have to attend to “GET IT.” What have you learned about technology that’s changing the way we make money, and interact on a daily basis. How long do you stay in the know and piggyback off of someone else? When is the next biggest thing is about to pop?

Has life boxed us into this “Millennials” mind set? Why can’t I just be a BOSS making shit happen? I want the CEO title just like everyone else. How many people are claiming they are working, but yet you never see the product. Do you want to be just another name that faded to the back?
When you have the hustle mentality, and you have become an entrepreneur of everything under the sun and only one venture works. How do you bounce back and not let depression sit in? As I travel back home from my Vacation. I sit on the plane thinking about life and business.
I have to question myself and ask why are you doing this? Is it because it worked for someone else? Is this something you are truly passionate about. Are my creative juices broken?
One thing about me I have no issues with pressing the delete button. Sometimes we just have to agree to disagree that this shit is not going to work out. It’s OK! I feel renewed and I feel a sense of completion. If I don’t do anything else I know I tried. I never gave up, but I never forced it.
Be able to part ways with a bad decision to make way for some new moves.
This turned into a rant?
Let me transition into “What 2016 Taught Me.”
2016… Taught me that it’s okay to task out work. You can’t do it all no matter how much you read and research. Somethings are just not your strength.
2016… Taught me that I have the support I need even when I think I don’t. I appreciate the so call “lurkers” I see clearly that motivation is what you need silently. That’s okay with me.
2016… Taught me that I can restore everything in my life that was broken in 2015. I am HAPPY. I am now more carefree and whole again. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll forever be getting my shit together but just know. I’m closer to the best version of me.
2016.. Taught me Faith & Patience my attendance at church has to be a proud moment and everything I was Patience for I got it. I owe it to myself to being consistent with the areas in my life that I lacked last year.
I’m just gonna close this right on out and leave it on a high note. Everything you want in life you deserve. No is just a road block. Problem Solving is my favorite thing to do. Sometimes the solution doesn’t always come right away, but timing will prove that you were always on the right path.

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