September 2016 Income Report




September was me getting back in the swing of working full-time, making sure my manuscript was making it’s weekly deadlines and preparing for my Hubbub’s deployment. I notice out of everything this month. I’m getting better with saving money. My affiliate account suffers a little this month. Which was also due to me not posting book links often. I had a great win with Adsense which was due to an increase in my YouTube Subscribers. I started using Ebates again this month. I’ve had an account for years, but I’m trying my best to get into the swing of saving money any and everywhere I can. So if you have any ideas of places I can save money comment down below.




Income : $141.26

Digit- $37.57

Ebates- $0.60

Goldman Sachs Online Savings- $35.00

In person sales- $20.00

Amazon Associates- $0.90

Amazon KDP- $10.21



Expenses: $169.69

WordPress Hosting- $9.99

Office 365 Email- 4.99

Microsoft Corp.- $10.76

Grammarly- 29.95


Interview Audio Files- $100.00


Net Income : -$28.43

I took a loss, but not a big one. I had things that were very necessary for marketing for the next couple of months. One would be the audio files for my Radio Book Tour.

October Goals –

  1. Post a book link once a month
  2. Get to 1000 likes on Facebook Fan Page
  3. Grow Email list by 20 new subscribers (Subscribe at the bottom of the page)
  4. Gain at least 40 Text Subscribers ( Text CCS to 444999)
  5. Send weekly newsletter
  6. Post on my blog twice a week


Check out how I did on my 2016 October Income Report here. I wanted to give you all an inside look of what my income is monthly. You can tell when I slack off and when I’m working hard. Because it shows. I wish I would have done this before, but now I think it will be my favorite part of my blog. I will be thrilled to look back and see how far I come and what may have gone wrong.

Stay a little while– Expect more.


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