Short Story Sunday – He Cheated, Now What? FINALE

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| H E  C H E A T E D  N O W  W H A T ? |


I could hear voices coming from towards the door. I couldn’t quite make out what was being said. I still couldn’t move, and I started to panic.



I could only remember the few moments before I started to take the pills. My attorney called me earlier that day to let me know that my divorce was final. 

This was supposed to be a moment that I rejoiced. I was going to pick up the pieces, and my confidence was getting better each day. I picked up a lot of jobs in the recent months, and I got a fantastic column at Muzzle Tops, and ZoomFeed doing what I love. Writing. That day was a blur to me.

I thought that I would have handled my emotions way better than I did. I remember going through the motions after finding out about the divorce being finalized. I sat down and then everything came running back to me. The kids were away for the weekend, and I was home alone. Which was normal nowadays, I went downstairs to watch our wedding video. I have no clue what led me to watch one of the happiest moments of my life. I feel like I should have called someone, but who would I call. I poured a glass of wine.

I sat on my couch and pressed play. I cried for two hours watching how beautiful my wedding decorations were. The guest were genuinely happy for us, and I smiled all day that day. When the video went off, I cried some more and poured another cup of wine. 

Karl didn’t call. I guess he was out celebrating. I sent him pictures of me in my wedding dress. After the video fiasco, I made my way to the attic to find my dress. I took pictures and drunk more wine. I wanted to be numb because I was starting to form bags under my eyes. My heart was aching so bad that I no longer want to feel like this. 

I should be relieved Karl woke up and decided he no longer wanted to be with me. He disrespected me and our marriage so badly. This should be that turning point in my life that I say I dodged a bullet. I never saw the signs, and I never saw things turning out this way. I’m hurt. I cried out for help, but no one was there.

The pills helped. They helped me to get over this feeling. The wine made me numb. It helped me to relax.


The voices got louder in the room. As I tried to speak, I heard beeping on a machine and someone running in. I kept trying to talk. Nothing happened. I saw a lady come over with a cup of water with a straw. I opened my mouth to sip as I coughed. I continued to drink until I was able to clear my throat. 

“Am I okay? Is this a hospital?” 

The women looked at me and then turned to a man. I was still trying to make out the figure walking towards me. It was Karl. He was dressed in a suit. I was confused I knew I called and texted him and he never responded. Now he’s standing in front of me. 

He looked at the nurse. I’m assuming she was a nurse. No one answered me about where I was. Karl spoke to the lady. “Can you give us a few minutes?” He whispered.

It was quiet for a few seconds.

“I thought I would come home to a limp and dead body. But for some reason you survived your little episode of killing yourself.” He spoke with no remorse in his voice. 

My mind went blank. I was shocked at the words coming out of his mouth. This was a man that I’ve known for so many years, and I’d dedicated my whole life to being a good wife and mother. 

Tears started to roll down my face, and my breathing sped up. I could feel myself panicking. His hands came across my face, and he covered my mouth. My eyes felt like they were going to pop out of my head. I was strapped in I couldn’t move, and this was yet another sign. My life was flashing right in front of me. It was at the hands of the man I loved. I was hoping someone could hear all the machines beeping and save me. No one was coming, and I was going to die. Karl would raise our boys, and I would never be able to see them again.

I finally heard more voices. I’m assuming it was Doctors rushing in and Karl pretended to call my name asking me if I was ok. I know my facial expressions had to show signs of me relieved to catch my breath. I was glaring at Karl who was now backing away from my bedside. Once I was able to catch my breath. I finally ask could someone please tell me where I am?

A tall, pale man with brunette hair approached me as he checked my pupils.

“You were admitted to the Hidale Behavioral Clinic here in St. Louis. We have you strapped to the bed because your husband Karl told us you had a history of taking pills and drinking.” The doctor continued to call off a list of things and tell me about my stay.

I was listening, but now I was sitting up, and I could see the full room. The nurse who was giving me water was standing next to Karl and I could see his hands all over here.

I screamed “Karl!” He was startled and walked over to my bedside. The doctor was now looking confused.

“Sir, This is no longer my husband. Our divorce was recently finalized. I had a rough night on that day. I have never before taken as many pain pills as I did that night. I don’t have mental issues. I just had a breakdown from heartbreak. I’ve been stressed out dealing with this son of a bitch cheating and disappearing acts for months.” By the time I was finished the nurse was gone. The doctor had a look of concern on his face.

I’m not sure if that was helping me or hurting me at this point.

“Ariel, Do you have a next of kin who could pick you up. We are going to run a few more test and then you can be discharged.” He smiled and shook my hand.

Karl was grabbing his jacket, and again I could not for the life of me notice the man standing before me. I couldn’t understand it. I didn’t have a phone on me, and there were no phones in the room. My hands were still strapped to the bed. I felt helpless. Karl looked back at me before he headed towards the door.

“You’re gonna regret this bitch.” He spoke with so much anger.

I finally started to worry. I laid my head back thinking that I knew how my husband handled enemies in the court, but there have always been rumors about how he handled them outside of court. I never believed them because he was such a loving man. I knew he couldn’t hurt anyone, but now I second guessed myself about my whole life at this point.

A nurse came in to unstrap me, and it was a different nurse than before. I tried asking about her by describing her physical features. The nurse said no one who fit that description worked there. This wasn’t making any sense at all. I was scared now. I was worried that my life could be in danger. Now all of the IV’s and wires were being taken off of me, and they brought in my clothes and belongings. I had no ID, and no purse. I called my mom from the hospital desk. The boys were with her for the weekend. Now I needed her to come and get me.

I dialed her number. “Mom, I need you to come pick me up from Hidale it’s on the eastside pass Hidale Memorial Hospital. ” I panicked. I know she could hear the urgency in my voice. I needed her, and she was the only one I trusted right now.

“Baby girl, Karl had a nanny pick up the kids yesterday. He said you were on a spa-cation honey. Why are you at Hidale?” My mom’s voice sounded like she was confused and now worried.

“Mom, Listen I need for you to describe the women who picked up the kids. I need you to try your hardest to remember. I don’t know what is going on here, but I can’t call the police. He’s the DA, and they all seem like dirty cops to me at this point.” I warned her.

My mom described the women, and she fit the exact description of the so call nurse who was in my room. The same one Karl was rubbing all over. I needed to get out of this place fast. I told my mom to hurry.

The doctor came back with discharge papers, and I headed to the front of the building to wait for my mom. My blood was boiling, and I needed to get home and find my kids. I needed my phone, and I needed to figure out what was going on. Karl had completely lost his mind if he thought he could get away with this mess. We have joint custody of the kids with primary care being with me. So this wasn’t even a battle that was up for discussion.


My mom pulled up, and I hopped in the car like we were in a scene from Set It Off. I told my mom I needed her to drop me off at my house. I used her cell phone to call the house phone, but it just rang. I looked in my mother’s glove compartment, and I’m glad my dad taught her well. I grabbed her gun and a clip and put that bad boy on safety. One thing for sure. Karl must have forgotten my dad raised a country girl, and I would shoot him if I needed too. Him and that bitch. I was worried and angry at the same time. I just needed to know my kids were fine.

“Mom, If the kids are in the house. I’m going to make sure they are safe with you. Take them too. The Mountain house that I told you about years ago. The key is in a sealed box in the basement next to Dad’s gun case. There is also cash inside. I need you all to be safe while I handle this.

My mom just shook her head yes. She knew I took after my father when it I got in protective mode. She knew not to ask any questions and just follow directions.


We pulled up to the house, and I saw an unfamiliar car.

I put the gun in the small of my back. I walked in, and the boys saw me coming. They ran up to me, and I hugged them I couldn’t embrace them long because they needed to go. I looked back, and my mom was waiting. “Boys I need you to go straight to Nana’s car outside, and I’ll see you soon. No time for questions just go.” Karon and Aaron didn’t ask me or look back they did as I asked them to do.

I walked closer to my living room area to see this bitch.

“We finally get to meet officially Mrs. Adams. I’m the one who will live here, and I’m the one who’s been taking care of Karl. Day in and Day out. You should be dead right now, but you just won’t die.” She stared at me while drinking wine out of my monogrammed wine glasses.

I was furious. I had already stopped myself from making a bad decision before, but this time this woman was in my home. I have ownership of this house through my divorce. I guess since I was supposed to be dead. Karl didn’ tell her that part.

I grabbed my gun, and I pointed straight at her forehead.

“Nice to meet you! I’m sorry. It’s your turn to die!”

POW! One shot one kill. I was about to lower my gun when I heard the door open and heard Karl screaming. I panicked!! As I turned to him, I fired off another round. It hit him in the shoulder, and he fell against the wall.

My intent wasn’t to kill him. Just to stop him because I wasn’t sure what he was going to do to me.


The story only ends here if you let it. I got married because I met the man of dreams, and I was ready to spend the rest of my life with him. Things happened in our relationship that I can not explain or even understand. A man who helped me raise two handsome twin boys. We had a beautiful life and a very good relationship. His behavior changes were unexplainable. I don’t know what made him think he could move some random chick into my house. Or that he could wipe me from this earth. Karl was a powerful man, but I built my confidence to be able to take a stand against him. Finding out that my husband not only cheated on me, but he was plotting to have me killed or better yet. He wanted me to kill myself. Has to be the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with. Now what? I have to go to numerous therapy sessions to make sure I don’t have built up resentment towards him. I am constantly building a strong relationship with my kids. My mom has been amazing throughout this process. Karl has to face his demons, and I’m fine with that. My life will continue to thrive. I now have new material and a new perspective to add to my column.

-xoxo Ariel

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