Short Story Sunday – He Cheated, Now What?

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I have created Free Blog stories so that I could share new fiction stories to readers, and subscribers who are on the fence about my books. I want you to be able to come here to my blog on Sundays and read some new content. These stories are entirely fiction and are just based on my thoughts and opinions.

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| H E  C H E A T E D  N O W  W H A T ? |

Seven pills in, and I wasn’t going to slow down anytime soon. I was sleeping in the spare room of a house that I had helped purchase. I looked at the pill bottle and poured out more. I took a sip of Stella Rose wine as I downed another pill. I was numb from the thoughts of what was happening in my life. The man that I loved dearly was nowhere in sight. He wasn’t the man I married. He had changed! His eyes were different, his feelings were non-existent, and he ignored me.

I blamed myself. Maybe I should have gone to the gym more. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so insecure and learned to make my underwear. My thoughts were scattered, and I felt a tightness in my chest. I felt like I could not breathe. I grabbed the phone to dial his number. But what I saw was my text. The text I sent an hour ago. A picture of the pill bottle and the wine. It had a read receipt for 45 minutes ago. I dropped the phone. I felt like I was losing control. I felt nothing. I saw darkness.

four months earlier…

I was waiting for Karl to meet me for Lunch on a beautiful Sunday. It was a few days before Valentine’s Day, and he had been busy at work. I’m Ariel, a freelance blogger for numerous publications. I loved the freedom of my job because I enjoyed writing about various events and topics.

I was getting ready to enter the 31st year of my life, and our twins boys had just turned eight. I was excited about how my life turned out. I’m not gonna sell a sob story to you about how great my life is because it’s not. Marriage is hard work, and there have been many times I was ready to throw in the towel. I decided to keep fighting for love. The love that I have for my husband is like no other. It never dies down, but it continues to grow like a weed.

Karl had finally arrived at lunch at La Carte. He approached the table and kissed me on the cheek. I was so excited about talking about plans for Valentine’s Day. I asked him how his day was and he was very short with me to the point that he looked irritated.

This should have been one of the first signs that something was wrong. I brushed it off as his job being very stressful. Karl was the District Attorney in St. Louis, Missouri. One of the busiest cities in Missouri. We’ve lived here for about five years now. He’s climbed the ladder in the district very fast. The hours he work went from an average 35 hours to over 6o hours. It was very hard at first when the boys were still young, but I think we’ve adjusted well. I’ve been able to write steadily for Essence, and Huffington Post. I’ve got my eye on a few Editing jobs within the company.

Our lunch was brief, and I felt like I was eating alone, but I knew Karl had a big case coming up. He excused himself to go to the restroom. I grabbed his phone to try and get some information I needed for a bill.

I was confused because what I saw were text messages from two different women. I read through the text messages, and it was a variety of it was nice meeting you last night, and when can we see each other again. Was I that naive to think that he was faithful all this time. I put all my trust into this Man. My Man. We’ve never had any infidelity issues was this the first? I sat there and wondered to myself.

When he returned me, I was just stuck in my thoughts. He sat down and started talking about making reservations at this new Italian restaurant, and that all I needed to do was make sure the sitter was available. I heard everything he said, but I was in a zone of denial. I made excuses that these were witnesses or co-workers he was texting.

Karl called my name, and I snapped out of it and looked at him.

I finally spoke. “Did you meet someone else, Karl?”

He looked at me, but he didn’t say anything. He called the waiter over to pay, and he said. “I’ll see you at home.”

I gathered my things in a hurry to chase after him. I didn’t want to make a scene, but I knew that something wasn’t right. I felt like I’d been so happy in my relationship that I missed the signs. I was content with all that I was doing in my life that I forgot to make sure the most important person was satisfied.

the night after Valentine’s Day….

Valentine’s night was horrible. I asked so many questions, and he answered them. I wanted to know who she was or who they were. He told me exactly what I wanted to know. I asked what was it about her. I asked did she look better than me. Karl was so truthful that it hurt. I didn’t realize that this was a serious conversation. I was in between hurt and confused. That night I feel asleep.

Valentine’s Day was supposed to be sexy.

I woke up to a long text message from Karl.

It ended with

Karl: I know you think I was playing about what I said last night, but I was serious. Our marriage isn’t working anymore. I’ve tried my best, but you no longer make me happy.

I want a Divorce.

I dropped my phone and stared at the ceiling. I didn’t cry. I just prayed that this was a dream. I prayed that tomorrow would be different.

 L E A V E  C O M M E N T S !

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