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Usertesting -Is a website and app that pays you to test website and apps. You can do this from your desktop, tablet, or phone. Most tests take anywhere from 5-10 minutes. I’ve taken a phone, and app test which both have paid me more than $20. The most I’ve been paid with Usertesting is $70. Take 30 minutes out of your day to give your honest opinion about a website or app and get paid for it.

EbatesEbates is an amazing way to help you save money. You can use Ebates to shop at over hundreds of stores, and apps. This helps you to get cash back on your purchases. I love Ebates because not only do you get cash back you can receive an additional discount by shopping through Ebates. You can refer three friends and get $75. Your friend will get $10. I love that now Ebates has in store cash back rewards. You can install it on your extension on your desktop to always help you save more money.

Ibotta – Ibotta is an app that can provide you with cash back from doing your regular grocery shopping or now that Ibotta is opened up to clothing and accessories. You can earn money back by uploading your receipts from the purchases. There are lots of stores to choose from, and you never have to feel obligated to shop for the things that you don’t need. Make your regular grocery list and only buy what you need. So enjoy another app that allows you to shop and get cash back. This one is a staple for me.

 Voxpopme – I recently found Voxpopme. You can get paid anywhere from .25cent to $1.50 for just sharing your opinion in a quick video. The company asks your permission to use your responses for research and on their social media sites. Most videos should be anywhere between 15-45 seconds long. You need to speak clearly and have good lighting.

Qkiret – Qkiret is a relatively new app that’s using a spinning wheel technique. You sign up with my code, and you get free spins instantly. When you spin the wheel, you pick a color blue or yellow. You start anywhere from .05cents to $10.oo from what I’ve seen so far. I’m up to about $3. The fun part is defiantly spinning the wheel.

Other Apps that I love

Digit – Is an online savings account that pulls from your bank account. It draws from your account to the point where you don’t even realize it. I’ve saved about $1000 since last the beginning of the year with digit. I’ve had my friends to join as well. When you and your friends sign up, you all get $5 when they make their first transaction. If you need help saving money. Digit will be your new friend. It’s easy to have the money withdraw and back into your account within two business days or less. Digit provides daily alerts and when you reach goals of your savings they celebrate you.

Humantic – Listen to customer service calls for different locations to see when calls where contacted, answered, or not connected. This helps companies with finding out if the customers calls are being handling correctly. It’s fun because you listen in on calls and then choose the right answer that goes with the call.

Qmee – Pays you for normally searching in your web browser. I have it in my extensions, and I love just randomly searching on my desktop, and I get money for it. They also offer surveys for cash rewards.

Coke Rewards – Bottle caps from all Coke Products and the boxes of Dasani water can be used. You sign up for a Coke Rewards account and enter your codes. You can win Gift Cards and all other types of rewards. I love this reward program for my WalMart Gift Cards and Amazon.

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