3 Reasons You Are No Longer My Target Audience


I’ve been calm and collecting my thoughts about my journey. The New Year has started off a tad bit rough, but so many good things have happened as well. I’m kept my promise as far as delivering a newsletter every week. Make sure you drop your email when you see the hanging sign so you can stay in the know too.

So.. Now we can talk about why your really here. I’ve been noticing a trend and this is sort of like the ole saying. You keep giving the milk away for free people will keep coming.

Well I had this brilliant idea to start #ShortStorySunday I wanted to get some of my work out there to new and interested readers. This was working wonderful I even published the very frist story I wrote on my blog A Place Called Town. 

This was the beginning of something and it helped me gain new readers. What it didn’t help me do was convert those visits into sells. I did contiue to get steady sales on Amazon. I wanted the sales to be here on my site. Becaue I want to cut out the middle man of Amazon who takes a percentage. That’s reasonable right?

Well a few short stories in and then it continued to equal NO SALES. Now I have to go back to the drawing board and here is what I have come up with.

Reason 1. I get eagered and engaged readers nearly hundreds on Sunday to read my free stories, but they never browse the links below the last line to purchase my other work. Hundreds of visitors reading for free = NO SALES.

Reason 2. When I finished my recent #ShortStorySunday When The Church D0ors Close. I made this a 5 Part story. You had to purchase the entire book for $1 to find out what happened at the end. Only 3 people purchased it. That means out of the hundreds of people who were coming to visit every Sunday still don’t know how the story ended. Because they had to purchase something they left.

Reason 3. I just realized that if you can’t support me by spending anywhere from a $1-$15. You are NO LONGER MY TARGET AUDIENCE. That’s compleelty fine with me. I just wanted to make sure you knew that you can move along and recommend my site to your freinds who love to read and purchase. I can recommend a site for you to read for free. Wattpad. You can read for free all day.

Because  I want to be taken seriously in this industry, I need readers who are going to support me no matter the price or the books I write, and If that’s not you, then we don’t to force a reader/writer situationship ya know.

The things I have in store for myself I need the strong with me and not ones with their hand out every time they hear free.

Dear, Old Target Audience

Your time is up. Please Exit Stage Left. 

Make way for the readers who are ready to grow with me and spend a little coin with me.

Stay a little while.. Expect more.. – Cinquanta 

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