Cinquanta Cox-Smith


I am a woman who wears many hats. I’m a Mother, A Veteran, Military Spouse, Author, and Business Owner. My ultimate goal has always been to help, and show people ways to make additional income. This journey has not been easy. I had to try many different things to land on my feet. Every endeavor taught me something that I’m able to use now in my business. Starting the Easy Money Starter Pack was a way to introduce numerous ways to start a side hustle or business with no startup cost by using Print On Demand sites. I’ve found that cost has been the main factor in whether people act on their dreams. I wanted to learn different income streams and study them. I’ve completed that time and time again. I went ahead and made the mistakes for my audience. Doing this allows you to follow step by step instructions without having to run into numerous setbacks. Today I’m not only an Author & Entrepreneur, but I’m a Podcaster, and your Friend.

My Story

It all started with some creativity and an idea. I started creating and writing in High School. Those skills continued to follow me throughout life. I took a liking into creating dope ass t-shirts, and then I found my passion again for writing in my early 20s. With these two skills and a list of ideas. I’ve created a few side hustles, and now a mainstream business and theme. That, later on,¬†became my BRAND. Books + Business, and Coins and Connections will always be one idea that allowed me to live my dreams. I want to educate, share, and see people win. One small choice could change your life, and if you change your mindset you could manifest more than you’ve ever dreamed of. As my brand continues to grow. One thing will always remain the same. I will always inspire everyone to live their dreams.

Join Me. 

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